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Book Writer is a brilliant tool for those who want to try to write their own book: a practical text editor focused on dividing and organizing the story into chapters, sections, dates, and times.

The program offers several features that make editing any book much easier, no matter how long it is, by helping you manage the content of each chapter.

Book Writer has another very interesting feature to create a database of the characters, places, and important events that appear in your story. This way you can have a sketch of all the strings you have to tie together and how the characters evolve.

The application also features the option to jump from one chapter to another to make browsing your work easier. You can even search by keyword, sentence, or phrase through the whole book, and you will always know how much longer it is until the end of your book.

Book Writer also works as text-editing software, so you can use bold letters and italics as you write, as well as different fonts, colors, and alignments on the same page.

The trial version is fully functional for 21 days.